The Idleness of the Objects of Use


  • Wellington Amâncio da Silva UNEB- Universidade do Estado da Bahia PPGEcoH
  • Juracy Marques Universidade do Estado da Bahia
  • Elilia Camargo Rodrigues Universidade do Estado da Bahia– Campus VIII



Marxian Ecology, Reification, Work


This paper aims to discuss the consumer object in contemporary society in the face of reification and alienation. He notes the way in which the objectifications of the subjects the outfitted the inanimate thing, product of its production under the renewed exploitation aspects at work. It produced, in the face of subject produced and producers, in the role of human objects, becomes more important than the subject from the point of view of the immediate application of the thing produced.  

Author Biographies

Wellington Amâncio da Silva, UNEB- Universidade do Estado da Bahia PPGEcoH

Wellington Silva Amancio's degree in Education with specialization in Teaching and Management of Educational Process, State University of Bahia - UNEB. Specializes in Teaching Philosophy ; has a Master in Human Ecology ( UNEB / PPGEcoH ). Operates in the following areas: Teaching Profession, Social Theory, Discourse Analysis and Teaching of Subjectivity Process Representations. Linked to the subscribers/UNEB as a researcher, whose research Memory, Identity, Territoriality, Education/Spaces in Field and Sociability line. Research since 2009 the etnossocial aspects of maroon communities of Alagoas; research since 2011 indigenous ethnicity cities in the Etates of Alagoas, Bahia, Pernambuco and Sergipe. Does independent research on the production line of subjectivities, Otherness and Human Rights in Formal and Non- Formal spaces under focus of Ethnomethodology. Undertakes research in Critical Pedagogy (Giroux and Peter McLaren) and Etnopesquisa criticizes Methodology of Teaching Philosophy in High School Life History of Teachers and Education and Social Movements.

Juracy Marques, Universidade do Estado da Bahia

Teacher on UNEB-State University of Bahia and FACAPE-College of Social and Applied Science of Petrolina; President of Brazilian Society of Human Ecology-SABEH; Post Doctor in Human Ecology; PhD.In Culture and Society.

Elilia Camargo Rodrigues, Universidade do Estado da Bahia– Campus VIII

Elilia Camargo Rodrigues , Universidade do Estado da Bahia– Campus VIII / Professor in the courses in Pedagogy, Biology and Mathematics, Brazil