Call for Papers: American Journal of Human Ecology

  • Human Ecology: Explore the complex interactions between humans and their environments.
  • Environment: Examine the diverse aspects shaping human ecology and environmental issues.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Contribute to the advancement of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

The American Journal of Human Ecology is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to publishing pivotal research on the dynamic relationships integral to human-environment interactions. We aim to enhance understanding and promote scholarly discourse on these vital topics.

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Call for Reviewers

We are seeking experts in human ecology and related fields to join our peer review team. Reviewers play a crucial role in maintaining the journal's academic integrity and ensuring the publication of high-quality research. If interested, please email us at

Call for Case Studies

Our journal encourages the submission of case studies that offer practical insights and innovative approaches in human ecology. These real-world examples can significantly contribute to the understanding of complex environmental issues and the development of sustainable solutions.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

We welcome submissions that incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives, combining insights from various fields such as anthropology, sociology, geography, environmental science, and public policy. Such integrative research enriches our understanding of human-environment dynamics.