About the Journal

Focus and Scope

American Journal of Human Ecology is a premier, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to publishing groundbreaking research that delves into the intricate dynamics between humans and their environments. Our mission is to advance understanding of the complex relationships within human ecology and to advocate for sustainable environmental solutions.

Publication Model: AJHE embraces a hybrid publication model, combining the efficiency of Continuous (or Rolling) Publication with the structured organization of quarterly issues. This model is designed to ensure the prompt dissemination of cutting-edge research while maintaining an organized archival system.

Key Features of Our Hybrid Publication Model:

  1. Continuous Publication:

    • Timeliness: Articles are published online immediately upon final acceptance, facilitating the swift sharing of pivotal research findings.
    • Flexibility: We welcome submissions continuously, free from the restrictions of traditional issue deadlines, offering greater flexibility for authors.
    • Visibility: The journal's content is regularly updated, maintaining ongoing engagement with our readers and ensuring consistent visibility for authors' work.
    • Citation Details: Each article is provided with a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and includes comprehensive citation details, reflective of the year of publication.
  2. Quarterly Issues:

    • Structured Archiving: Articles published under the continuous model are systematically compiled into four issues annually. This approach aids in streamlined access and navigation, allowing readers to explore collections of articles published within specific timeframes.
    • Volume and Issue Numbering: Each article is associated with a specific volume and issue number, facilitating precise referencing and academic citation.
  3. Accessibility and Archiving:

    • Annual Compilation: For enhanced accessibility, all articles are archived on an annual basis, with each year's publications easily retrievable on our journal’s website.
    • Open Access: In alignment with our commitment to widespread knowledge dissemination, all articles are freely accessible to our readership.

Through this hybrid model, AJHE aims to strike a balance between the immediacy of rolling publications and the traditional structure of academic journals, catering to the evolving needs of our global scholarly community.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published quarterly, releasing four issues annually.

Open Access Policy

The American Journal of Human Ecology adheres to an open access model, providing immediate and unrestricted access to its content. By making research freely available, we support wider global knowledge dissemination and contribute to the advancement of scholarly discourse and understanding in the field of human ecology.