An Assessment of Industrial Relation Practices in Public organization; From the perspective of Employee-Management Relation


  • Bekan Serbessa Waktola Ambo University


The main objective of the study was to assess Industraila Relation practices in   puplic oragnization in case of Ethipian elictric Utili ty Ambo Branch, to see  lthe condtion of Employee -Management Relation. In this study  qualtitave and quantitative approaach were  used .The study was used census method of sampling .Both open-ended and closed ende qouestionnaire were used .The main emphasis of the study was in  related to labor -Managment conflict,how employer respoend when facing labor-managment conflict ,how labor mangment  griveance  procedure effectveness is evaluted, at end of grievance managemnt interms of satisfaction  measured through speed and involvement.The study  result  showed that  employees with thier managers had at most good relation,support to the labor mangment is good,in the organiztion their  is document which specify employee relation  ,their is aconlict  within the organization  which may mainly caused  by intrest of between  mangers and employees. Employees greivence presentation mechanism is directlty to the managers