Impact of BSC on Corporate performance


  • Pradip Kumar Das "Jagannath Kishore College,Purulia", "Sidho Kanho Birsha University", Purulia,India



This paper seeks to identify and analyze a set of advantages and contributions derived from BSC or Balanced Scorecard implementation towards the corporate performance. The study contributes to the current state of knowledge since the identification of the advantages and contributions in BSC introduction and implementation can facilitate its adoption and development in the corporate designing to implement this tool. Besides, a theoretical basis is provided for future research evidencing the extent of research on the topic studied. The results show that BSC is better than a simple performance evaluation system to become a true strategic management mechanism able to clarify and explain the mission and corporate strategy, making possible the communication process, the strategic alignment and the organizational erudition. Keywords: BSC, Corporate strategy, Non-financial measures, Strategic management, Performance management.

Author Biography

Pradip Kumar Das, "Jagannath Kishore College,Purulia", "Sidho Kanho Birsha University", Purulia,India

Commerce, Associate Professor