• sayyed farooq shah IER
Keywords: Universalization of Primary Education, Child Labour, Qualitative & Quantitative


This article highlights the fact that Child Labour is one of the biggest and a universal obstacle in the way of UPE. The study was mixed method  in nature for which exploratory sequential design (Qualitative & Quantitative approaches) were used, however this article is focused only on Quantitative approach and data. Population of this study comprised all the parents of the total 992 Child Laborers and 2939 teachers teaching primary level at District Bannu, while the sample was 147 primary teachers and 100 parents of Child Labour. For Quantitative data collection two separate questionnaires for teachers & parents were distributed. The study’s objectives were: to investigate the rank order of perceptions of teachers in context of Location, Poverty, Family Status, Child Status, Teacher’s Behavior, context of Overall Child Labour and Universalization of Primary Education. For Quantitative data analysis descriptive supported by inferential statistics were used to reach into in-depth of the issue. On the basis of findings drawn some valuable recommendations were made by the researcher.

Author Biography

sayyed farooq shah, IER
Ph.D scholar


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