Our World is Well Ordered in Measurement and Number – Or Why Natural Constants Are as They Are


  • Walter Alfred van Laack University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Campus Juelich, Germany




Natural constants, universe in order


All the important natural constants can be logically explained with and derived from the first four ordinal numbers, 1, 2, 3 and 4, its addition to ten and finally the standard values for obviously maximal feasibility Ω and the optimum in our world, the Golden Section (GS), i.e. the number sequences 273 and 618. They both are the first three numbers of irrational results by an arithmetical transformation of simple geometrical relationships by creating multiplicity out of singularity. Both of them show that the infinite is inherent in finiteness and explain in a simple way the smallest deviations and fluctuations between the physical AS-IS state and the obvious spiritual ideal behind: Wherever we look in this world, and especially in important key-positions, we regularly find these sequences. All of the above mentioned numbers so seem to be key players in our world, what can be demonstrated by the derivation of natural constants.

Author Biography

Walter Alfred van Laack, University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Campus Juelich, Germany

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Technomathematics