Four-Fold Dimensionality in the Theoretical System of Cultural Construction of People’s Livelihood-- Some Thoughts Based on Cultural Construction of People’s Livelihood in Socialism With Chinese Characteristics


  • Li Kang School of Political Science and Public Management, Southwest University, Chongqing, China
  • Zhaofei Li Institute of Marxism, Southwest University, Chongqing, China



Cultural construction, people’s livelihood, theoretical system, four-fold dimensionality


As a means of livelihood at the cultural level, people’s livelihood in terms of culture mainly refers to a kind of demand at the spiritual and cultural level after the problem of food and clothing is solved, such as, spiritual belief, ideological condition, cultural rights and quality of life, etc. With the cultural theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics being the guiding thought of cultural construction of people’s livelihood, China has adhered to the path of cultural development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and has cultivated the high cultural self-consciousness and cultural self-confidence of the people. Cultural construction of people’s livelihood needs to adhere to the three basic principles of humanism, advancement and public welfare, ultimately realize the four basic goals, namely, cultural education to people, cultural intimacy to people, cultural benefaction to people and cultural enrichment to people, strength the cultural soft power of the country and construct a powerful socialist cultural nation.