Jerusalem Council in Acts Chapter 15:1-35: Its Relevance for Sustainable Conflict Resolution in Nigeria


  • Taiye Adamolekun Department of Religion and African Culture, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria



Jerusalem Council, society, conflict resolution


This paper discusses Jerusalem Council in Acts chapter 15:1-35 and its Relevance for sustainable conflict Resolution in Nigeria. The paper identifies the crucial problem and controversy that called for Jerusalem Council. It identified and discussed the contributions of Peter and the leadership of James. Resolution and implementation of the Council for contemporary Nigeria society is identified. It is established in this work that the principle, method of debate, discussion, dialogue, resolution and implementation of decisions adopted for Jerusalem Council are very relevant in our contemporary Nigeria society, they are recommended for application in our society. Historical cum exegetical approach is used as method or instrument of achieving our objective in this work. Our finding is that the recommendation of Jerusalem Council was acceptable to the Gentiles and the Jews were happy with the acceptance. The implication of this acceptance was good understanding and harmonious living as the Gentiles were accepted unto Jewish- Christian fellowship without circumcision